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We’re creating and sharing Blogs to help profile businesses in Kirkcaldy. The latest – Balance Fife – features Wendy Brown and her work that aims “to improve well-being and provide a treatment that will help relax and de-stress” …

Balance Fife is based in Kirkcaldy. Wendy explains her work, saying: “Primarily, it is about offering Reiki to help people improve their overall well-being ??? mind, body, spirit. Reiki is a spiritual and subtle healing practice that supports and encourages balance. It can be a stand alone treatment or complimentary to conventional or alternative treatments.

She opened Balance Fife (in July 2019) because she wanted to help people with their own self-care – to manage stress and anxiety. Wendy says: “Our lives, our work and school nowadays can be so stressful – people need to take ‘time out’ to be kind to themselves.

A Reiki Master, Wendy is also a registered Teacher with the General Teaching Council Scotland.

Balance Fife provides “holistic health and well-being – including Reiki, Natural Lift Facial Massage and Kids’ Reiki classes.

Wendy says: “Reiki is at the forefront of what we do – helping people to feel better and improve their well-being.” Sessions can be given lying down or seated – and can also be sent to a person in a different location at an agreed time – this is known as ‘distance healing’.

The kids’ classes are for children aged 6 to 10 “to learn about Reiki in a fun and interesting way“. Wendy adds: “Reiki is a very simple technique for children to learn and can help them to manage emotions and find balance.The classes explain about energy and then use the same energy to make something – art or craft related – for the children to take home. Wendy adds: “The children are encouraged to practise using energy with whatever they’ve made beyond the class.” The classes are adapted to the group and may also introduce music and dance as well as mindfulness. Wendy runs the classes with her helper, Jada, who is a member of the PVG Scheme. There are also classes for older children – stress management for teens – helping with exam prep and transitions.

The Natural Lift Facial Massages provide a blend of Indian and Japanese facial massage with acupressure: “This is also known as a natural facial rejuvenation – or a face lift without the surgery.

Wendy works with each client on an individual basis and will adapt the healing session to meet each person’s different needs and requirements. What is Balance’s USP? Wendy says that her approach is professional and is “always personlised for the individualpeople are made to feel special“.


Need more?

Feel free to contact Balance Fife with any inquirie. You will find them at 286 High Street (KY1 1LB)

We do not diagnose or replace medical care. Our reiki therapy sessions are complimentary to other treatments.

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Friday evenings 5pm – 8pm by appointment only.

Saturday 10am – 4pm?? |?? Sunday 12pm – 3pm?? |?? Monday 12pm – 4pm

“Get in touch if you would like an appointment outwith these times and we will do our best to arrange.”

You can find more on their Facebook page.


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