CBD on the High Street …

It is difficult to pick up a paper or turn on a radio or TV station and not hear of someone espousing the benefits of CBD oil. It has been all over the news in recent weeks … and now it is available on Kirkcaldy’s High Street.

Vapourz, run by Martin McAuley, has installed a CBD testing station in his store and says: “It truly is a unique bit of kit and the first of its kind within the Kingdom as far as I am aware. It shows the faith the company has in its CBD formula to allow customers to try their amazing products for free. It’s the real deal.

What is CBD Oil – and why is it used?

CBD is already a huge market. Worldwide, it is estimated to be a multi billion dollar industry and it is making many headlines at home.

Here’s the science: cannabis plants are made up of more than 100 different cannabinoids – chemical compounds that act on cannabinoid receptors in cells that alter neurotransmitter release in the human brain. These have different impacts on the body and are concentrated to different extents in certain parts of the plant.

CBD – cannabidoil – is one of these compounds. In 2017, the World Health Organisation (WHO) found that CBD could provide relief for a variety of debilitating conditions including Alzheimer???s disease, Parkinson???s, multiple sclerosis, cancer and diabetic complications, as well as general pain, anxiety and depression.

CBD in Kirkcaldy

Martin explains their offering: “We have e-liquid testers available for use with either a sub ohm device or a mouth to lung device, to cover all users. Testers are also available for the oral drops, sprays, moisturising skin cream and muscle balm for specific aches and pains.” He adds: “Our staff are trained to answer all questions along with having very informative leaflets and booklets to hand for customers to do their own research.


You can find them at 128 on the High Street (KY1 1NQ).

Call 01592 265374 for more.


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