Revolution Barber Supports Crisis at Christmas

This Christmas, Mark from Revolution Barbershop will be supporting Crisis at Christmas in Edinburgh.

Five years ago, Mark arrived in Edinburgh knowing nobody and with Christmas around the corner, he decided to volunteer.?? The first link that came up was for Crisis and they were looking for a Barber – and so he applied!

So on Christmas Day 2013, Mark was met at the Centre by volunteers bursting with Christmas cheer and he set up his Barbershop helped by all the donations that had been sent from salons, salon suppliers and other barbershops from all over the UK – combs, products, clippers, scissors – everything that he needed.???? And next to his Barbershop were two doctors who were checking people’s feet … supplying fresh socks and shoes from other companies that had donated supplies.

Crisis at Christmas runs for 2 weeks and helps people at street level.

In 2018, Mark is helping once again for the 5th year running: cutting the hair of those who are currently homeless. He is also running a Barber Shop Clothes Drive and wants to collect as much good quality men’s clothing as possible and transport it to Crisis in Edinburgh.???? So if you have clothes in the back of your wardrobe that still have plenty of wear in them but you will never wear again, take it along to his shop at 244 High Street, Kirkcaldy.

If you’d like to help Mark raise some money for Crisis as one of their sponsored volunteers, please follow this link.

The money raised will help even more people to leave homelessness behind for good through Crisis’ year-round housing, employment, education and wellbeing services.