Rose blossoms in Kirkcaldy!

We’re celebrating independent businesses in Kirkcaldy and in this profile, we catch up with Rose Bentley-Steed, owner of The Flower Ranger on the town’s High Street …

Rose is an independent florist and artist and opened her business in Kirkcaldy in May this year. She has a passion for flowers and plants that has grown over the years: “I used to work as a garden ranger at the Edinburgh Botanic Garden and The Flower Ranger is an extension of my knowledge and creative interests.

In her new store, she has immersed herself in all things plant and flower related and that enables her to deliver a unique service. She says: “My customers don’t just come to buy flowers and plants. They like to interact and engage with me.”

And so being on the High Street is key – a presence in the town centre where customers can visit, ask questions and discuss Rose’s creative approach to their needs.

Rose says: “I’m offering a service where a lot of it can’t be bought online.” And you can see that in her creations – for that is what they are: from wedding flowers bespoke arrangements and funeral flowers – all custom-made for individual customers.

She adds: “When I sell living plants, I also provide guidance and advice on how to care for them too. By meeting with my customers and engaging with them, I understand more about what they want and that helps to bring real quality to their shopping experience.

Rose and her husband have an Etsy business that trades online. Etsy is an e-commerce site focused on handmade and vintage items and supplies. Rose’s online business – Oi!Panda – sells wood craft, botanical prints and stationary. Rose says: “Oi!Panda is an extension of our passion for traditional craft skills which works together very well, and gives us a wider global online reach.

Rose mentions her Dad as an inspiration saying: “I grew up with my dad who was a self-made entrepreneur and the effect has rubbed off on me!” Asked what she sees as her greatest achievement? “Standing on my own two feet, having the confidence and not being afraid to run my own business.” She adds that she has pursued her dream and is driven by an appetite for learning. She says: “Combining business and creativity and offering something new is essential to survive in this working climate.

Rose’s Flower Ranger is one of a number of new independent business that have chosen to make Kirkcaldy their home. Asked why Kirkcaldy? Rose explains: “Working at the East End of Kirkcaldy High Street there’s a real sense of community with the local businesses and we’re all working together to support each other.

For anyone visiting the town, we asked Rose what she’d recommend: “Kirkcaldy is easy to get to when exploring Fife. It has a lot to offer with it’s wonderful waterfront and shops within easy walking distance … and plenty of cultural importance and historical interest. It is well worth a visit!


Need more?

You can contact Rose Bentley-Steed …

Through her website – The Flower Ranger

Pop in to see her at 306 High Street (KY1 1LB)

Calling 01592 572044.

Her business is on Facebook and also on Instagram


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